What Owner Builders Need to Know

posted 12 Sept 2013, 14:44 by Peter Jenner   [ updated 17 Jan 2014, 15:27 ]

Unsure How to proceed as an Owner Builder?
Look out for our new page coming soon to assist you as an owner builder.

Drawing Excellence

posted 21 Apr 2013, 05:32 by Peter Jenner

For an all round professional project documentation and 3D modelling ask to have our sample 3d walkthrough sent to you. You can run this on your computer and see how invaluable a 3D model will be for your next building design.

Need Help

posted 3 Mar 2013, 05:49 by Peter Jenner

Deciding what yournew home will look like and what colours to use is not an easy process. Why not let the picture tell the story. Provide us with your colors and materials and we can provide you with a Photo render of the front of your new home before it has even been built. Take a look at the gallery to see the results.

Steel Roll Form Detailing

posted 12 Oct 2012, 00:18 by Peter Jenner   [ updated 17 Sept 2013, 16:40 ]

We now offer Roll form steel wall framing and floor joists detailed drawings. Using Quicseries,FrameCAD and ProCAD packages we can detail for your building needs and roll former.


posted 18 Jun 2012, 20:51 by Peter Jenner

Want to look at your new design and walk through it before you build. Take advantage of our free 3d walk through with every new design.

6 Star Energy Rating

posted 12 Sept 2011, 18:55 by Peter Jenner   [ updated 12 Sept 2011, 19:00 ]

The introduction of 6 star in Western Australia

The Western Australian Government is committed to efficient use of energy throughout the State.

As part of this commitment, Western Australia is a party to the National Strategy on Energy Efficiency, a Council of Australian Governments (COAG) measure to accelerate energy efficiency efforts that are already underway and introduce new measures to improve energy efficiency throughout the economy.

Part of this strategy is to increase the minimum energy efficiency standards for all new buildings in the Building Code of Australia (BCA).  The new provisions were included in the BCA 2010 edition.  This included an increase in the minimum energy efficiency standard for new housing from 5 stars to 6 stars.

From 1 May 2011 the 6 star requirements will be available in Western Australia. However, to allow time for consumers and builders to get used to the new requirements, there will be a 12-month transition period. Over this time the current requirements, as set out in the BCA 2009 edition, will be acceptable.

From 1 May 2012, the 6-star requirements (including lighting efficiency) will be mandatory. The hot water system requirements in the BCA will supersede the 5 Star Plus requirements for hot water systems. The other 5 Star Plus Water Use requirements will still apply.

For more info click on the link below

3d Innovation

posted 12 Sept 2011, 05:52 by Peter Jenner   [ updated 12 Sept 2011, 18:48 ]

Our clients can experience the new wave in drafting for no extra cost. All our clients get the benefit of our state of the art Virtual Building Explorer.
This allows you to walk through your new home or design.

Having trouble visualing your new design? Even if you have your design already drawn up, give us a call or drop into our office at 14 Quarry Way Mandurah and we can show you our 3D walkthrough service.

The most significant changes to the Building Regulations in 50 years

posted 12 Sept 2011, 05:16 by Peter Jenner   [ updated 12 Sept 2011, 18:51 ]

The Government's current Building Regulation Reform package will deliver the most significant transformation to Western Australian building legislation in over 50 years.  The existing building approvals process was established by the Local Government Act of 1960, and reflects the way buildings were designed in the 1950's, relying on builders registered under the Builders' Registration Act 1939.  Building policy and legislation has been fragmented between local and state government departments since then, with practitioner registration managed by individual boards.  Reviews of building regulations undertaken by the former Housing and Works and Consumer Protection portfolios recommended that the legislation be updated to reflect modern building practices in Western Australia.  The reviews also suggested that the legislation be managed in one place, by a single entity, and therefore the Building Commission was established.

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